Magical Master of Ceremonies

"Your performance as our Master of Ceremonies was beyond my high expectations. You were THE hit of the three day conference. Everyone raved about how magnificent you were both as a magician and as an MC. Your ability, flexibility, wit and preparation as our Master of Ceremonies added continuity and fun to our event that will long be remembered." - Commemorative Air Force

When the occasion calls for a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to introduce executives, VIP's and other professional speakers, Scott Wells has the stage presence and magic touch to make those introductions memorable.


An MC sets the momentum of a conference. He keeps it going and eliminates lags and makes slow times disappear. An MC also makes necessary announcements for schedule changes, housekeeping, and other general messages. Scott Wells does all this and more with entertaining interludes that keeps the event on time and the audience informed in a fun and friendly way.

"That's the best introduction I ever had." - Col. Oliver North, Marine Veteran and Fox TV Host of "War Stories with Oliver North"Col. Oliver North with Scott Wells

Speakers at conferences vary from person to person and topic to topic. There is no continuity among speakers and each is as unique as his or her individual profile. And many corporate executives would rather not have to make their own introductions. Some may be good speakers but they freeze up before an audience with nothing to say if there is an unexpected delay or other problem that might cause them to stall for time or make impromptu remarks.

Michael Reagan with Scott Wells


Scott Wells takes the worry away from your executives and other speakers. With Scott as your MC, the audience looks forward to each interlude and introduction. Scott can add the cohesiveness that binds the speakers and the conference theme all together in an entertaining way. Scott customizes the introduction for each and every speaker so the audience is alert and ready for the speaker to come to the podium. Each custom introduction is unique to that individual and leaves a lasting impression so the audience knows their name. Not only that, but during the magical introduction Scott fills in the speaker's background so everyone fully appreciates their credentials.

"Very clever introduction, Scott. Thanks.." - Michael Reagan, Political Talk Show Host


  • Scott Wells can open the conference each morning in a way that will engage, excite and prepare everyone for the day
  • Scott will make all housekeeping announcements along with any revisions to the schedule
  • Scott will emcee the general sessions
  • He will introduce each speaker throughout the day in a unique, customized and memorable way
  • No worries or preparations necessary for your executives or speakers
  • You are assured that the meeting will not be boring!

When it comes to compeering before large groups, Scott Wells is a true master at ceremonies.

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