Stage Shows

"Scott did a fantastic job for us at our conference in Savannah. You can't go wrong with Scott. He's great, he's affordable and the attendees will just love the show." - Control System Integrators Association

Scott Wells presents a comedy magic show that is perfect for groups that want to have fun whether after a sales meeting, an awards banquet, a holiday party or any other event where the focus is on relaxation and having a good time.  From demonstrations of mind reading and mentalism to a hilarious stand-up comedy magic act, Scott's performances are adaptable to virtually every type of situation and staging condition.

The spotlight is on entertainment!His audiences are held spellbound by his good, clean fun with no embarrassing situations for anyone and there is always plenty of comedy, fun, magic, and audience participation.  His blend of family entertainment mixes sophisticated sorcery with comical conjuring that keeps his audience wondering where the Magic Water of Zanzibar keeps coming from!  Scott Wells specializes in performing customized shows for corporate clients at sales meetings, customer outings, client dinners, award banquets and more. Business people learn better with magical demonstrations.

In the corporate world, Scott Wells was a financial trader for several major energy companies for many years and he may be the only magician with a Masters Degree you will ever meet. He understands business, he knows customer relations and he recognizes the importance of keeping clients happy.

"How did my signed bill get in that lemon?"The comedy magic stage show involves a lot of good, clean audience participation with no embarrassing situations for anyone.  Like situational comedies (sitcoms), you laugh at the situation and not at the person. For example, the expression on someone's face always gets a laugh when their signed $100 bill goes through a shredder or wedding bands borrowed from volunteers in the audience are miraculously linked together. The outcome is always pleasant with the bill later being found restored and whole inside a fruit and the wedding bands returned separate and unharmed to their owners.   

Scott & Kathy present a fun filled evening of mystery and mind reading.As an example of the mentalism act, a volunteer distributes playing cards to others in the audience. Although blindfolded on stage, Scott's wife and assistant, Kathy, is able to tell what cards were selected. Kathy is also able to correctly identify any word on any page from a random book that anyone has on their mind. Finally Kathy is able to read the serial number on a borrowed bill all while still blindfolded and hundreds of feet away on stage! A few other entertaining interludes in the mystery and mind reading act could include predicting a phone number from any local phone book, a dramatic and heart pounding effect involving a sharp spike hidden beneath Styrofoam cups, and a precognition of a randomly selected DVD from a video store.

For groups from 50 to 1,500 Scott provides backdrop curtains, tables, music and fun! Whatever the occasion, you are guanranteed a great time. Just sit back and enjoy the wit, the comedy and the magic of Scott Wells!


  • Scott Wells can use audience volunteers that YOU pre-select
  • There are NEVER any embarrassing situations for anyone on stage or in the audience
  • At your request, Scott can incorporate your company's message into his magic show for your customers or employees
  • Fully insured (covered by a $1,000.000 in liability policy, $2,000,000 general aggregate)
  • The show can be custom tailored for time from 15 to 90 minutes to accommodate your program timing (typical running time is 50 minutes)
  • Scott can coordinate all technical, audio and visual aspects of the show with the on-site Banquet Manager to alleviate YOU of any headaches or worry
  • All engagements are confirmed in writing by contract and professional invoicing
  • A W-9 IRS Form can be provided for your Accounting Department

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