"I can truthfully say that your handling of our crowd in the confusion caused by the late arrival of the food was masterful! You made the long wait seem to disappear in a cloud of fun." - Re/Max Realtors

Close-up magic is the most intimate, personal magic you can experience. Most people find close-up magic the best because it takes place right under your nose, before your eyes and in your hands. It is the kind of magic that you can reach out and touch. No group is too small or too large to enjoy close-up magic.

"How did my ring end up on your key case?"

Whether long time friends, business associates or first time acquaintances, close-up magic binds people closer together and gets the conversations started. After seeing a close-up magic performance the group is left wondering “how he did that” as they discuss possible methods after the magician walks to the next group. Strolling magic can be the highlight of the evening whether performed during the cocktail time prior to dinner or while guests are in the buffet line or sitting at their tables waiting to be served. Your guests, your clients, your employees and/or your friends will all have a memorable time as Scott Wells moves from table to table and group to group leaving a trail of smiles behind him.

This is the perfect type of entertainment for:


Executive conferences
Hospitality suites
Cocktail parties
Award dinners
Employee appreciation events
Silent auctions
Benefits and Fund Raisers
Customer outings
Home parties
Holiday events
Sales meetings
Scott's strolling magic is always a hit!


Scott engages people in a one-on-one basis with his quick wit, amiable personality and his uncanny ability to recall names. Of course he performs magic with cards, ropes and coins but he also creates mysteries with impromptu items such as rubber bands, napkins, finger rings and silverware.

Experience the magic first hand and indeed in both hands with the close-up artistry of Scott Wells.

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