Scott can attract traffic to your booth.Trade Show Magic

"The Senior Management Team was thrilled with how you helped to bring in customers to our booth at the trade show." - NATCO at Offshore Technology Conference

If you want to generate traffic at your exhibit, you must have an attraction…something that stands out from the rest of the exhibitors. Something that will not only attract customers and potential clients but will hold them at your booth so your product message is delivered and understood. Nothing attracts like live action, interactive magic.

Scott Wells can generate business for you at your next industry conference.

Scott generates traffic and customer leads.

To get the “biggest bang for your buck,” Scott Wells will be your lowest cost who will generate the greatest benefit by bringing in the most business.  He attracts crowds and HOLDS them with entertaining magic while injecting your corporate message about your product, your service, and your company. He does it in a way so that everyone remembers your message.

Scott understands business. With over 25 years in the energy business in professional sales and executive management, Scott knows how to identify prospects and he knows what it takes to attract business. He also knows the importance of keeping existing customers happy and having them come back for more.

If you need someone to attract traffic for your technical talk or if you prefer Scott to deliver the talk himself, then Scott can do it. The footprint and location of your booth is an important budget consideration and Scott can maximize that space. Whether you can give him a 3' x 3' space or a 8' x' 10' platform, Scott is flexible and can customize his presentation to the size of your booth.


  • Scott Wells works with you to develop a custom script to sell your product / service
  • Scott's magic focuses on your company so the customers remember YOU !
  • Scott can deliver your corporate message or "Tech Talk" that will engage the entire crowd
  • If you have speakers, then Scott will generate a crowd and act as the emcee to introduce each of your speakers throughout the conference
  • He will pass out your trade show giveaways, promotions and incentives during his performances
  • You are assured that your booth will be the most popular!

Contact Scott Wells today to find out how he can customize a program that will generate more sales leads for you! Click on the "Get A Quote" button to get a quote on your next event.

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